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Welcome to Hawaii's Big Island: Your Gateway to Enchantment

Experience a place where you can discover both paradise and adventure. Start your days with the sky painted with stunning colors as the sun rises, and the scent of Kona coffee fills the air. The Big Island of Hawaii invites you to embark on an amazing journey of exploration and relaxation. Here, you’ll find a unique blend of volcanic wonders and peaceful landscapes, creating an one-of-a-kind experience.

Prepare to be captivated by the allure of Hawaii’s volcanoes as you embark on an extraordinary journey. Witness the Earth’s power in action as molten lava sculpts and transforms the landscape, revealing nature’s ever-changing beauty. Immerse yourself in the island’s vibrant culture and history, where ancient traditions harmonize with modern life. Beyond the volcanic marvels, you’ll discover a tapestry of stories that celebrate the rich heritage of Hawaii.

Our exceptional Hawaii Island Properties are hidden gems in this island paradise. They offer accommodations that capture the island’s diverse appeal, from the cozy intimacy of the Volcano Forest Studio to the spacious comfort of the Volcano Forest Escape. Experience the rural tranquility of the Eden Roc Bungalow or gather your family in the Volcano Forest 2. Each property serves as a gateway to your own slice of Hawaiian paradise. As you create unforgettable memories, let the allure of the Big Island envelop you.

Hawaii Island Properties

Volcano Forest 2 BR – Duplex

2 Bedrooms; 1 Bathroom; 9 Guests

Volcano Forest 2 Bed
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Volcano Forest Studio – Duplex

Studio; 1 Bathroom; 2 Guests

Volcano Forest Studio
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Eden Roc Bungalow

1 Bedroom; 1 Bathroom; 2 Guests

Eden Roc Bungalow
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Volcano Forest Escape – Entire House

3 Bedrooms; 2 Bathrooms; 11 Guests

Volcano Forest Escape - Hawaii Island
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Family Vacation in Hawaii

Reviews from our recent guests...

Quite Neighborhood near VNP
We had a lovely time staying at this cabin. It was easy to beat the crowd in the park when your commute is so short. The home was clean and well equipped with a firepit and grill. Most evenings were spent outside. What a treat!
Emily W.
Stayed Jun 2021
Wonderful experience! Beautiful property, great location. Greg had excellent communication.
Gloria T.
Stayed Jun 2021
Great place near Volcano National Park
The place was perfect for our group of 10.
Laina M.
Stayed May 2021
This property has everything you need. All you need to bring is your clothes and toothbrush. Really comfortable for my family. Definitely will recommend and would love to stay again.
Kisha A., Kailua-Kona
Stayed May 2021
Lovely House
We rented this house for two nights. It was clean, spacious, and had all amenities we needed. Location is key- rainforest feeling and close to Volcano. We couldn’t ask for more.Going in and leaving was a breeze, and the deposit refund was on time.We had a memorable time there.Thank you!
Ronia T.
Stayed Jul 2019
Good for a family visit to VNP
We wanted to spend more than a day in Volcanoes National Park, to give family from the mainland a chance to see it all. This property was a good fit for our group (adult children and parents) and allowed all of us to stay under one roof, and be up for a bit playing cards without disturbing anyone but ourselves. We were only at the property to shower and sleep, but it was close to the park, which was our top priority.
Dawn F.
Stayed Jun 2019
Moving our son to BYU-H & needed a place close by.
This home suited our needs perfectly! It was the perfect size & had the right amenities that we wanted/needed. The close access to the school & the private access to the beach was amazing!!
Jane H.
Stayed Aug 2021
We lived this property. Beautiful yard with a covered patio with patio furniture. The air conditioners worked wonders and were a nice retreat from the heat of Hawaii. Kitchen is huge and has everything anyone could ask for to make it feel like home. Outside shower is so nice to get the sand off to reduce how much we trekked inside. The beach at the end of the lane is beautiful and easy to access. The rocks at the beach can be slippery, so be careful. (We didn't slip, but observed someone else and it looked painful) . The beach is mainly, largely sandy. The washer and dryer are big and heavy duty machines. Beds were comfortable. .. only good things about our stay here.
Jennifer F.
Stayed Jul 2021